What is intelligent systems for decision support?

Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS) use artificial intelligence (AI) to help humans make better decisions by providing them with relevant information and recommendations. IDSS use a variety of data sources, collect and process them to generate useful information for analysts. An intelligent decision support system (IDSS) is a decision support system that makes extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. The use of AI techniques in management information systems has a long history; in fact, terms such as knowledge-based systems (KBS) and intelligent systems have been used since the early 1980s to describe the components of management systems, but the term intelligent decision support system is believed to have originated with Clyde Holsapple and Andrew Whinston in the late 1970s.

Some examples of specialized intelligent decision support systems are flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), intelligent marketing decision support systems, and medical diagnostic systems. In the digital world, where automation is rapidly growing and being adopted, artificial intelligence makes the system more intelligent and scalable. Intelligent decision support systems (IDSS) for complex healthcare applications investigate the enormous amount of complex medical data to help doctors, academics, pathologists, doctors and other health professionals. To overcome this situation and promote the ad hoc nature of decision-making systems through an intelligent machine, Artificial Intelligence emerges and wants to demonstrate its counterpart.

This special issue focuses on the development of the most recent and advanced metaheuristic algorithms for intelligent DSS in complex healthcare applications. It also provides a simplified implementation of the analytical model with a combination of real-time analysis and provides rapid creation and management of decision processes. AI research focused on allowing systems to respond to novelty and uncertainty in more flexible ways is starting to be used in IDSS. The objective of AI techniques integrated into an intelligent decision support system is to allow a computer to perform these tasks and, at the same time, to emulate human capabilities as faithfully as possible.

SAS Intelligent Decisioning combines decision processing, real-time event detection, and decision governance to automate and manage decisions across companies. Several organizations, including Microsoft, IBM and SAP, are currently using a system powered by artificial bots based on AI algorithms to make their decisions more productive and effective in a very short time. This software is based on artificial intelligence and intelligent deep cognition models developed using the right data and algorithms. There are quite a few tools and software adopted by industries that help them to obtain real-time information on decision-making and to automate operational decisions on a large scale.

To manage and implement a new system, they first need an adequate work plan and then decide based on it to make it possible in the execution workflow. A decision support system (DSS) is an intelligent system that provides excellent assistance at various levels of diagnosing health-related diseases. Many IDSS implementations are based on expert systems, a well-established type of KBS that codifies knowledge and emulates the cognitive behaviors of human experts using predicate logic rules, and have been shown to work better than the original human experts in some circumstances.

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