What types of analytics can be generated from using an ai customer support bot?

Chatbot analytics can provide data on customer satisfaction. This is a simple measure of their experience with your chatbot. You can use it to refine your chatbot strategy and improve service quality. And in the long run, you'll keep your customers happy so that they return to your business in the future.

Advanced AI chatbots can detect customer intent, sentiment, and context at the message level. These bots can provide your agents with intelligent answer suggestions and the information they need to add more contextual and hyper-personalized answers that make customers feel valued. The permanent nature of chatbots means that your customers looking for support are taken care of, no matter the time of day or night. AI can become a true expert in employee training, simulate thousands of situations that may arise when communicating with customers and evaluating the ability of employees to solve these problems.

Customer service chatbots can answer up to 70% of frequently asked questions and use their knowledge bases to ask direct questions. Learn how Sprinklr helps companies deliver a premium experience on more than 13 channels, using basic AI so you can listen, guide, resolve and measure the customer experience. Customers expect exceptional service and an exceptional experience, a need that is met by AI. Machine learning allows human agents to analyze thousands of conversations and predict common questions and possible answers when it comes to customer service.

Your agents can create conversational workflows within an AI chatbot to guide customers directly or help agents guide them through lengthy processes, such as troubleshooting problems, scheduling appointments, updating addresses, payment information, and more. In addition, customer service using AI can help improve customer satisfaction by providing them with a more personalized experience. With it, companies can save money on customer service costs and improve the efficiency of their customer service operations. When you're using a platform that uses AI for customer service, it's likely that everything is grouped in one place.

Whether you're looking to reduce costs, increase efficiency, or simply provide a better customer experience, read on to discover how AI can help. AI chatbots can understand customer intent and keywords to respond with relevant, pre-created answers. Help agents get real-time AI support by publishing relevant knowledge base articles and predefined answers, while addressing customer inquiries. A chatbot based on artificial intelligence can detect changes in the customer's intention in a conversation and know when to change the flow of responses to adapt it to the customer's needs.

While many companies use bots to increase user engagement, leading to greater customer acquisition, as well as to automate processes such as profitable monetization in general.

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